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Big sur on GA-Z97P-D3 with i7-4790

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I did a few iterations and test with diverse EFI/config.plist for this old motherboard GA-Z97P-D3 that was working since 2016  with : El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra , Mojave and booting via Clover. 
Mojave was the finest system for this i7-4790 CPU : full sleep was available after update of the bios to the latest version available (beta version F9b, before some sleeps where generating kernel panics ) and my Nvidia GT 740 was recognized and working OOB.

I have downloaded a few EFI folders, one of them gave me the possibility to install Big Sur 11.2 ( installer downloaded via a Python script ) . Big Sur was 100% OK : my Fenvi pci-e card gave me airport and bluetooth (via internal USB2) , ethernet and sound where ok. 
A few days later, I did the 11.2.1 update. After a few reboot : login window. BUT NO MORE USB Apple keyboard, no apple mouse (via bluetooth):  all USB ports have been deactivated.
No keyboard so no Rollback impossible via timeMachine, reboot and recovery, recovery told me that it lacks of migration assistant to help me to restore from TimeMachine..  and Recovery had wifi, bluetooth and USB working..  
Booting from USB stick, or from SSD gave me the same results : no more USB after 11.2.1 update.

I used my "obsolete" MacBook to search (google) GA-Z97P-D3 & Big SUR. and avoid a certain site where I dowloaded the first EFI and found here (Insanely) a EFI Folder from Baldy_MAN (:thanks_speechbubble:) with different ACPI folder: after insertion of the correct SMBIOS info into the .plist : boot from a 2nd USB stick : re-install of BigSur, update to 11.2.1 : all USB ports are working, BlueTooth is here, full sleep is working with keyboard/mouse wake. I updated the EFI on the boot disk, all is working... but no rear USB3 ( front USB is OK) for a hard drive (with its own power source)


Screenshot 2021-02-23 at 11.32.46.png

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