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Dual GPU Black Screen Issue


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Hello guys,


i got the exact same thing like in this older post-

Long story short:

Swapped my Mainboard from MSI Gaming Plus Z490 to an MSI MEG ACE Z490 cuz of more lanes for dual gpu.

This was unfortunately a worse idea. Did a clean install of course. Open Core 0.66.


Before i could boot on my RTX card with DisplayPort enabled and choose in the picker win or macos.

If macos i saw the booting on the rtx card and swapped on the same screen to the hdmi input, where the black screen turns to macos when booted.


Now: Mac Os is booting as well but when i swap to HDMI there is just a black screen while macos is properly booted.

When i unplug the cable from the rtx card i can boot into macos with a screen visual. No issues.


How can i get back to my previous setup working? This is making me nuts - it cant be it was running before on a mid range board and now not anymore.

Like Developer says in the older post it might have nothing to do in which slot the GPU is installed.

My RTX is in Slot1 and AMD in slot 2 i would like to keep it this way, but maybe it might change something?


I hope somebody has any idea what to change in the plist to make it work again and i highly assume there is something.

Nvidia card is disabled in the device properties of course.


Thanks in advance!


Solved: Disabling Resize Bar and its working!



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