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HID Proxy Mode and Native Apple BT

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Hello, this post is regarding Native Apple WiFi+BT Cards that support AC Wifi and there HID Proxy Cababilities



Note: these are all the removable 802.11AC card that apple used in there product, i have exlcuded 802.11N cards.

as per a post made by vandroiy2013 in this thread - https://github.com/acidanthera/bugtracker/issues/511

It is not a missing driver problem. You just need Bluetooth adapter with HID Proxy. For example ALL native Apple BT have this feature.
So you can just replace your Wi-Fi/BT module with Apple BCM943602CS, BCM94360CS2 or BCM94360CD and your keyboard will work in BIOS as well as in OpenCore boot picker."

post implied that BCM943602CS supports HID proxy, i challenge this, and would like some verification, or to be disproven. reason being that this card is BT 4.1/4.2 while all others except BCM943602CDP use BT 4.0, something with BTLE security changed in 4.1/4.2 which breaks HID proxy for me. so if it works for some people its system dependant.

i would also like some evidence that BCM94360CD is working for HID proxy, for documentation purposes, as this data is useful for new hackintosh users looking to get working Airdrop/Wifi/HID Proxy Mode over bluetooth in BIOS and OpenCore Bootloader

if anyone wants to see what working HID Proxy looks like to test if its working for them, here is a video -


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