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It seems to me that this site used to support hex formatting values simply by placing '0x' in front of the value (e. g. 0x67).  I looked back at old posts and see that all 0x67 and other hex values have been converted to 0x67 (theme is interpretting the entries as multiplication instead of hex.  It is possible, but cumbersome, to override the theme formatting by backspacing and retyping x. I thought manually changing the entry was possible, but site overrides the change on saving the post.


Is this a setting that is easily changed in the theme configuration?  I may be wrong, but I suspect that most often, when contributors type '0x' on this site, they are specifying hex formatting rather than multiplication.  If this formatting change is possible, is it possible to change current 0x values back to their original formatting?

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Invision introduced in v4.5 a new front-end design which included a new 'Inter' default font




But this is something that it could be changed very easily - It just depends on our administrators :)


Or you can do it on yourself by using 'stylus' extension  ;)


Minor change to make to the forum Theme and, indeed, one for the Admins.

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