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(resolved) clover configurator

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hello just a question in "Rt Variables" do you know the difference between :

- from the SMBIOS


- from system

and what is the choice to make ?


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thank you for the answer. this is what I understood but I admit that I am never comfortable with the choices in clover configurator. I prefer to ask, you see for example in this page Rt variables there is a "block" part at the bottom. well I can not understand what it is but I am an eternal beginner who asks only to learn.


I am interested in this subject because I have something which does not match.

under a 17.1 smbios i had no problem matching the same smbios and its numbers in opencore 0.6.6 and clover 5130.
to solve a DRM problem I switched to iMacPro1,1, and there I cannot match the 2 config.plist, there is a UUID problem.

for me the problem comes from "hardware UUID" it never changes in opencore, even if I renew the smbios with master genSmbios, even when I place the UUID by hand in the open core plist config. when I reboot it displays another uuid while with propertree I see that the change has been saved in the config.plist


everything is equal in the 2 config.plist
serial number
Card number


the only thing that changes is this UUID hardware

I have checked in ioreg I am iMacPro 1.1

the thing is, having the same data makes it easier to switch from one bootloader to another, Apple account etc ...

If you have an idea?
thank you again for responding to my previous message

Capture d’écran 2021-02-19 à 13.42.15.png

Capture d’écran 2021-02-18 à 10.22.51.png

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ok i found, you have to remove all the things in RtVariables, in clover config.plist, then with the same serial, board serial and UUID, you can switch from one bootloader from an other without icloud activation every time.

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