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Acer E5-573G-58B7 Core i5, 8GB e GeForce 920M. Opencore 0.6.6 Bigsur 11.2

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GeForce 920M is Kepler GK208 and should therefore be supported OOB as long as Optimus is disabled in BIOS; if it's enabled, you'd be running on the iGPU by default. Of course, you must remove that -wegnoegpu boot arg you've got configured since that basically disables the nVidia dGPU... You should also use the SMBIOS of a MacBookPro fitted with an nVidia dGPU rather than MBP12,1 which was Intel Broadwell graphics only. Switch to MBP11,x instead.


You won't need the -no_compat_check boot arg either (both MBP11,x and MPB12,1 are supported platforms!).


Re: TrackPad, Bluetooth, Wireless, SD card reader, you'll have to provide exact specs (manufacturer and model, ideally full vendor and device PCI ids.


Same goes for the CPU, what's the exact model?

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