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Installed clover to main hackintosh SSD by accident, now wont boot into OSX

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Hey everyone


I built my first hackintosh 6 years ago using a golden build guide on tonymac using Clover (i think it was version 2652) and have been happy with it since (although I havent updated it since install, still on Yosemite)


Recently I was making a new USB installer to do a fresh install of Catalina using clover to a new SSD I plan to swap in to the build.

I accidentally installed Clover (5129) without 'changing source folder' - so it installed on my Yosemite SSD, i didnt realise what Id done and shutdown my machine. When i next restarted I got the clover legacy HD 1 and 2 boot screen, but if i select either I get a black screen with a flashing white line.


I cant figure out for the life of me what I need to do to rectify my mistake, I presume its something to do with not swapping out the correct kexts and plist file it needs for boot, but i dont have another mac, only dual booted windows on the same machine and a windows laptop. So i cant make my new Clover USB installer or indeed one to get into clover on my existing hack SSD.. Is it possible to boot into the clover EFI partition from the windows SSD and replace missing kexts? Or make a clover usb on windows that will allow me to update and fix the issue?


I have a timemachine HDD which will have a recent version of my old hack build installed but cant access it.


Ive tried finding the answer to this in other places and cant seem to find much on what to do...


Appreciate any help you can offer!



You can try both:

  • access the EFI partition from Windows and try and fix things. Normally, Clover would have made a backup of the old EFI, either on the EFI partition itself or on the Yosemite partition. If latter, you're gonna have trouble accessing the partition from Windows...
  • create a USB Installer from Windows from which you may try to boot your old Yosemite build.

Good luck

Thankyou Herve.


I managed to get into the EFI from my windows SSD using Minitool Partition Wizard then assigned the EFI volume a drive letter to access it in Explorer++ and copied and replaced the correct clover folder build after recommpiling it all on windows from the right sources and correlating clover version i used back then! Now boots but i just have to go through the clover bootloader to get in which works for me.


Thanks again for your tips.

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