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Hey guys!  I'm just really excited right now, because my Hackintosh is finally complete!  Everything is working as expected, and nothing has broken all day!


Thank you all for your guidance, and I hope to be able to help some of you in need when I can!


Also, if anyone could help me get rid of that little usb wifi dongle notification in my menu bar, that would be awesome!


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1 hour ago, Hervé said:

If you press [CMD] whilst dragging the icon out of the Finder bar, it should disappear... But you may also/probably need to remove launching of app at login/startup and remove it altogether afterwards if it's not needed. Some apps such as this one actually come with dedicated install/uninstall scripts that you need to run. Check it out.

I've tried all of that.  I'll have to look for the uninstall script.  Maybe if I plug the thing in it'll pop up with an install and I can do it from there.



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