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AppleALC configuration for CX20585 - no internal microphone

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Hello guys,

I have been struggling with the internal microphone on my hackintosh for a very long time. I added my own layout, platforms and changed pinconfig in AppleALC and... Internal speakers, headphones and line-in works like a charm. But no luck with internal microphone - it's only detected, but no sound is captured. I also tried injecting layout-id in DSDT but no luck either. Any ideas?


Bootargs: alcid=4 alcdelay=1000
Laptop: ASUS K52JT
OS: High Sierra 10.13.6
Codec: CX20585
layout-id: 4 - custom, based on 3 which worked, but only for speakers and headphones
PinConfig: 01971c1001971d1001971e2101971f0401a71c2001a71d0101a71ea001a71f9001b70c0201b71c3001b71d1001b71e8101b71f0401c71cf001c71d0001c71e0001c71f4001d71cf001d71d0001d71e0001d71f4001e71cf001e71d0001e71e0001e71f4001f71c4001f71d0101f71e1701f71f9002071cf002071d1002071e0002071f4002271cf002271d1002271e0002271f4002371cf002371d1002371e0002371f40
WakeConfigData: 01b70c02


Linux dump, layout, platform are in attachments.

Platforms4.xml layout4.xml cx20585.txt

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