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GA-Z270X-Ultra Gaming - SSDT use premade or create my own?


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Do as you feel!

Setting up OpenCore takes time, but the guide is very clear and the validation tools help catching mistakes. Just take your time.


The standard SSDTs probably work, and save some time on a first attempt. But if you like to learn and have the DSDT, it's perfectly fine to take "The Long Way" and make your own before preparing the config.plist. Take all your time, double check everything, make breaks.

If you don't have the DSDT yet, the easiest way to obtain it is actually to prepare an EFI from the DEBUG version of OpenCore and set Misc>Debug>SysReport:True. No need to succeed in booting OS X!

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Probably not… unless you're running OpenCore on a real Mac ;-)


With Clover you probably used a lot of (static) patches and renames. WIth OpenCore, renames are done through SSDTs, patching is done where necessary in a dynamic manner through "quirks" and static patches are generally avoided; the goal is to run OS X as close as possible to its native state.

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