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Metacollin's C621 patches

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Hello @metacollin (if you're reading down here…),


I tried to apply your pathches to the latest BIOS F8 for my Gigabyte C621-SU8 motherboard. Here is the output:

$ ./UEFIPatch SU8F8.bin -o SU8F8p.bin
parseFile: non-empty pad-file contents will be destroyed after volume modifications
patch: replaced 14 bytes at offset 739h 0F3248C1E220480BC2BA00800000 -> 0F3248C1E220480BC2BA00000000
patch: replaced 19 bytes at offset 2FA1h B9AA0100000F3248C1E220480BC2BA00200000 -> B9AA0100000F3248C1E220480BC2BA00000000
Image patched

It look like both your E2 and 1AA patches were successfully applied, but they are shorter than the 24 and 28 bytes indicated in your post. Should I worry, or may I proceed with flashing the motherboard and trying to hackintosh it?

I flashed SU8F8p.bin. The VerifyMsrE2.efi tool confirmed that MSR 0xE2 was UNLOCKED. I do not know how to check for 0x1AA, but the boot process went further than before, even with both OpenCore (0.6.5) xcpm quirks disabled, so I assume that the 0x1AA patch worked as well and that your patches do support Gigabyte C621-SU8.


At this point I'm stuck after loading 7 ACPI tables even though I only have 3 SSDT (EC-USBX, PLUG and RTC-RANGE), in accordance with Dortania's configuration guide for HEDT. I have found and read the thread "Help installing Mojave on Xeon W-2175 and Asus WS C422 mobo", where similar issues are discussed. If I understand correctly, my build needs SSDT-CPU-WRAP.aml because the DSDT used device objects rather than processor objects (I've checked that this is indeed the case).


I have streamlined @metacollin's SSDT-CPU-WRAP.aml for a single socket. With it, the system goes past ACPI tables and gets off OpenCore into actually loading OS X. It throws errors about TSCSync and ultimately fails on a non-defined method. I'm on the right track but I'll need the help of an ACPI expert to do a proper wrapping of CPU methods for my system—which may deserve a new thread with a more appropriate title.

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