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  1. i7-10700 is Comet Lake and those CPUs are only natively supported from Catalina 10.15.3 so forget about Mojave and make sure to download the last version of Catalina for installation... Or go for Big Sur.
  2. Nvidia P400 is Pascal and therefore not natively supported. Pascal cards are only supported with the Nvidia Web Driver (which you can only install after macOS own installation) and, unfortunately for you, only in older Sierra and High Sierra. There is no Web Driver for subsequent macOS versions and no tricks to get older driver versions working in Mojave and later.

You'll therefore need a different and supported PCIe graphics card to run Catalina (or Big Sur) on this workstation or just run on the UHD 630 iGPU since it is supported. There is no workaround to this. The only Nvidia cards supported in Mojave, Catalina or Big Sur are Kepler cards and those based on GK106 chip suffer from a macOS driver bug causing glitches. Unless you really want an Nvidia card, wisdom dictates to opt for an AMD cards these days.


Reading recommendations:




Good luck in your endeavour.


NB: Your 256GB Hynix NVME SSD does not appear to be recognised/detected in BIOS...

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