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USB 2.0 Input devices get force power gated when attached to Via VL805 internal USB hub

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Hey everyone,

I am moving from Clover to OC and am setting up my hack on a Huananzhi x79-ZD3 board wit a Xeon E5-2670


So far I got CPU PM working, GPU acceleration and intel USB 2.0 ports mapped.


The only thing I am struggling with is the USB 2.0 hub on the VIA VL 805 USB controller. The USB 3.0 devices work fine as well as USB 2.0 flash drives, but input devices, such as mouse, keyboard and Midi controllers get force power gated and don't work. It was quite challenging to map the ports anyway, so the Apple name scheme could be applied and all relevant ports mapped (SSDTs for USB reset and rename, ACPI patches etc.). SSDT for EC and USBX are also done and working, but the issue is still present. I would like to iron out this last quirk. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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