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Is GFX0 patch needed

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I am using i7-9700k (igpu disabled in bios) with Sapphire pulse RX 580 using macpro7,1 smbios.

To fix wake from dark screen, nothing worked except removing whatevergreen kext. (I think the connectors might not be the same as whatevergreen thinks) I am using dual 4k monitors using 2 DP ports.


As Macpro smbios has rx580, the gpu works OOB without any device properties, weg kext and boot args. Ioreg explorer shows as ATY, Orinoco (With whatevergreen orinoco won't show up unless device properties are added). It shows up under PEGP. 

I used PEGP to GFX0 ACPI patch in opencore and didn't see any noticeable difference after renaming. DRM, hardware acceleration, sleep works as usual before and after.

Is GFX0 rename needed for smbios with no igpu? 


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