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Big Sur 11.1 says "this version of Mac OS X is not supported on this Platform" although i am using iMac20,2…

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Since I upgraded Big Sur from 11.0.1 to 11.1, macOS won't boot unless I use -no_compat_check Boot-Arg and I don't know why. I am using OpenCore 0.6.5


The config works great in Catalina with iMac20,2, since I use an i9 10850K.

For Big Sur I adjusted the csr-active-config Value to FF0F0000 and that's about it.


I don't know what that issue should be, but I can't be the SMBIOS since we all know for a fact that 2020 iMacs are supported by Big Sur :D


Any idea what might cause this issue?

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SMBIOS info is empty; that's probably why. You need to follow up the guidance at Dortania and ensure you do not skip any step...



You may use OpenCore Configurator and select iMac20,2 in the list to refill the entire set of data.

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