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Hey. So I have an almost perfect Hackintosh running Catalina. Everything works but there are some flaws. The first thing is a weird sound distortion that occurs in every sound (for 1-2 secs). The other thing is that my clock is out of sync. When I boot up its fine, 10 minutes later it is either 3 minutes behind or ahead. After an hour its normal and then its unsynchronized again. This is really getting on my nerves since it causes delays when watching videos on safari. These problems occurred even when I was running High Sierra (I upgraded). I used SSDT time to generate SSDT-HPET and yeah it fixed some mouse problems but nothing about this. I am running Opencore 0.6.4. With clover everything was fine, but I can't go back to it. 


My mic does not work at all now....

(it's fine on windows)

Any help is appreciated. I can post my EFI , IOREG or whatever else need. I just want to fix this. 

I uploaded a recording of the sound distortion if that helps.


@shl628 I saw you helped someone with something similar but I can't reply to the thread for some reason :/

Sound distortion.m4a

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