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Opencore will not Boot selected OS

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I have a successful installation previously on On Clover now changed to OpenCore 0.6.3 with Mojave OS. I have just compiled new EFI using 0.6.5 and I have installed it on a test usb to boot into my Mojave OS.

It successfully gets to the Picker option and I can select the Os required but it starts off but returns to the Picker page. I have tried reseting NVRAM and it boots but I am not sure that its booting from the usb.

I have used the debug version after trying the release version and now I have two txt files which are beyond my knowledge to see what is wrong. Is there any one who can help if I post the debug file.

The intention is to upgrade to Big Sur.

Any guidance appreciated.

I am not new but not familiar with so much info.

opencore-2021-01-06-132232 copy.txt opencore-2021-01-06-135817 copy.txt

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