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Hi there,

What system spec do you have? Yes a lot of things have changed, particularly on Apple's side the last few year. Also we have a new bootloader available
to use which is Opencore (you should do a read-up on that if you haven't already). A number of the major Hackintosh community/contributors have

now opted to move onto the Opencore system over Clover, because it seems Clover has issues booting OSes beyond Z390 chipsets. We think it's

because of new memory-protection measures introduced in Mojave 10.14 by Apple that has prevented bootloaders like Clover from being able to

'patch' and work properly.

If you have an Nvidia or AMD system, you could still do it be aware that Nvidia support at the moment is non-existent after High Sierra. There are

no official drivers at all from Nvidia for Big Sur nor for any new cards from Nvidia after the Pascal GTX 10 range. Also Mojave is Intel or AMD only,

and also Catalina. There is native eGPU support in Catalina for Thunderbolt systems but whether they work with Nvidia cards is questionable.
Big Sur is supposed to have limited support for majority of graphics cards like Nvidia Pascal and AMD Radeon/Vega but it doesn't fully utilise the

GPUs memory, in particular with Nvidia cards. That said 4K display support is already present with a number of newer Intel chips (Skylake onwards)
and can be activated using Clover (as Intel Quicksync).

Aside from that the community is still going strong. Apart from Intel chips we can now boot macOS using AMD Ryzen chips (which is x86 based),
so that gives us some more choice so to speak with system builds. And Apple started transitioning over to their Apple Silicon M1 (ARM-based chip)

but they are still selling x86-based systems (so we're told) so there's still life left in macOS for the x86 platform. Don't forget the newer 2.5GB and

10GBe Ethernet standards. Some boards (ie. Gigabyte Z490) now come with 10GBe Aquantia ports which are actually supported by macOS natively
(as they have them fitted in some high-end iMacs). So you won't need any kexts for them, but ones like the Intel 2.5GB you do.

Aside from that there's been major advances in the speed (and price) of storage. For todays systems, I wouldn't touch anything less than a Z390

chipset and running on a NVMe SSD. They are so fast and relatively cheap it's just not worth it using a traditional spinning platter drive or 2.5" SSD.
You'll appreciate the speed difference. That and adding an AMD graphics card to the setup for best compatibility.

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thanks for your answer. My sys details are... Gigabyte Z370N Wifi ITX, i5-8600K, Nvidia 1030GT, 2x4GB Corsair & NVMe SSDs Samsung 960 EVO 250 GB, OSX 10.13.6., Mini-ITX


Yes I had a hard-time to move to a new clover 5x version coming from 47x so I gave up and bought a new ssd. Read about this new Opencore.
So the idea for BigSur is to use the internal HD630 and not the Nvidida card (I haven`t found a single-slot natively supported GPU for my itx-mini?)


I found this nice post here and it seems that now a boot directly with Opencore ist possible as I don`t like the VMware option?


Regards, JJ

Yes that's right, the UD630 is the only one enabled in Big Sur and not the Nvidia (as it has no drivers). But your setup could utilise

an AMD Radeon card (since its removable, unlike laptop-based GPUs). If you go for something like a 5700/XT or an RX570 you

are more than supported under macOS. In fact moving over to AMD cards is more or less what the community has been doing

since the split between Apple and Nvidia occurred after Mojave's release due to Nvidia's Web Drivers not being able to function
properly with Apple's Secure Boot module in place - that's why there's been no new driver releases by Nvidia for macOS. This

also meant any Nvidia cards released after Pascal are also not supported under macOS ie. Turing/Ampere.

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