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Thunderbolt Daisy-Chaining Problem on AMD Ryzentosh


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Hi Dear Experts,


Firstly I apologise for this post to not belong to a specific forum thread.


I've battling with this problem for a while, and I narrowed it down a little bit, however my expertise is running low here, and I really need your advice.


I've successfully built Catalina Ryzentosh on Asus Tuf B550-Plus, AMD 5 5600, AMD RX580, Asus Thunderbolt EX3-TR (or Gigabyte Alpine Ridge, tried both).


I am using Universal Audio Apollo Thunderbolt + 2 UAD Satellites via daisy-chaining into Apollo.


The problem that I am facing is that the Apollo by itself works fine, however when daisy-chained with Satellites, it no longer functions well, doesn't respond and crashes on UAD plugin loadup. The system works just fine on Windows, and on my previous Hackintosh - hence it is a software problem.


I've been looking at IOReg, and I assume that the problem lies within incorrect PCI bridge configuration. You can see that the Satellites sit on a different bridge rather than Apollo, and I assume that it creates a miscommunication. 


If any of you know how to deal with this (and I assume work on ACPI table), your help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks kindly for your time. 

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 7.46.37 pm.png

config (1).plist.txt Satellite Crash Log (1).txt

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