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Potential Fifo Overflow in GFX

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Hi all.

I installed Big Sur with OpenCore from this topic. But when start, have this problem in attachment


HP Prodesk G2 600 DM

Core i5 6500

Intel HD Graphics 530

8Gb Ram

NVME + HDD (used for mac)





It's probably a bad idea to follow a guide for a totally different computer and it's a very bad idea to re-use setup/files/config meant for a totally different hardware platform.

The KP illustrated in your screenshots relates to the Azul framebuffer, i.e. the graphics driver for Haswell HD4x00 iGPU which, of course, your Skylake computer does not have since it's not the same hardware/generation at all. Your ProDesk G2 DM and the 800 G1 (whether USDT, SFF or Tower) therefore share nothing, apart from their manufacturer.

I guess you must have re-used the files and/or setup from that G1 guide which is an inappropriate thing to do.


You should forget that irrelevant guide, head over to the Dortania repo and follow the guidance for Skylake desktops.

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