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How I Installed Big Sur 11.1 To GA-X99-UD5 WIFI and i7-6900k Desktop

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I'd built myself a potent PC for Windows and Big Sur to edit videos and play games using i7-6900k 8 cores 16 threads with fully loaded GA-X99-UD5 WIFI motherboard and supported Sapphire Radeon R9-280 3GB graphic card. After a few nights trying to read about x99, trials and errors, I got the Big Sur installation went through the hurdle 13 minutes mark and finished the installation. There are so many threads about this x99 chipset with Haswell E (5xxxk) and Broadwell E (6xxxk) and many kexts that people used, but I found out with the new OpenCore 0.6.4, you don't really need many and the guide here is very close to perfect and this one is for the perfect installation. I believe all x99 chipset motherboards are similar and this would work with any.

The most important thing you need to boot initially are these:

- SSDT-RTC0-RANGE-HEDT.aml, SSDT-UNC.aml, SSDT-EC-USBX.aml, SSDT-PLUG.aml, SSDT-USBX.aml. After installation, create SSDT-UIAC and SSDT-PRGen for perfect sleep/wake and all USB ports.

- Emulate: for Broadwell E Use this from Dortania D4060300000000000000000000000000 instead of nmano F1060400000000000000000000000000

- Follow nmano patch guide to the T.

- Remove all patches and things we don't really need.

- This motherboard has 2 ethernet ports and they both work perfectly with AppleIntelE1000e.kext.

- The Wifi is AC726 so the bluetooth works but the Wifi doesn't although it sees the hardware and mac-address. I'm ordering PCI-e DW1820A for Airdrop support, can't stand having Big Sur without it.

- No need to patch DSDT and sleep/wake perfectly.

- If I used SMBIOS iMacPro1,1, the video software will freeze while SMBIOS MacPro6,1 will work flawlessly although to get pass compatibility check would fail, need -no_compat_check in the boot-arg.

I'll have a video on installation and how perfect this MacPro6,1 performs with Big Sur and Catalina soon.

- I attached my config file with serial removed.






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