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GA-X99-UD5 Wifi and i7-6900k Catalina and Big Sur

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I'm a laptop guy, but the other day, looking on Craigslist I saw a nice used system from a company which included a Gigabyte GA-x99-UD5 Wifi with i7-6900k, CPU fan and 16GB of RAM for $350. I know I could get the newer one for a little more money but I like the i7-6900k, it's the best 8 cores 16 threads left these days and Gigabyte x99 UD5 is a very nice motherboard. I've read about problems with Big Sur installation on the x99 boards, but that won't stop me from getting this set up. So, I'll go through step by step on how I get this thing built and installed with Big Sur and Catalina. I love how Big Sur operates on this machine, amazingly fast and stable. The ethernet speed is over 115Mbs which my son's Dell i7-8700 can't even get. More to come.




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