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Hello @ MaLd0n,
Thank you in advance for helping me "optimize" my machine (creation of DSDT, SSDT, config.plist, etc.).
- Gigabyte Z390-D
- i7 9700K
- RX580 Nitro + (HDMI output on TV for display)
- macOS Big Sur 11.1 (20C69)
- Clover r5127

Herewith, my SEND.ME.
During some boot (about 1 time every 5-6 boot), after loading my macOS partition (Preboot) via Clover, I have a KP with reboot, and after that, I get under macOS.
What does not work:
- iGPU HD630 (no display if I connect a 2nd screen to the HDMI output of the MB)
- Hibernation
Thank you again in advance,
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