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Edit config.plist Toshiba satellite L650 High sierra 10.13.6 [QE/CI]

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my laptop is


Toshiba satellite L650
Ram 8GB
Intel Core (TM) i5 CPU M 460 @ 2.53Ghz
ATI Moblility Radeon HD 4500 Series


I have installed High sierra 10.13.6 and I use this config.plist to boot.
But my graphics will show 4570, not 4500, it shows 4MB and I want to enable QE / CI.
Can anyone set the Config for me and what additional kext do I need to install to speed up the graphics?
Or if anyone uses the same laptop as me, I want EFI to be highly grateful.



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1st, you have to check of your card's id is natively supported by the AMD/ATI accelerator kext + framebuffer kext.

2nd, you have to experiment with the various framebuffer personalities offered/supported by the framebuffer kext.


Just the usual really. Look it up, there must be literally tens (if not hundred) of threads relating to AMD Radeon HD 4500 Series cards and the related configuration to apply.

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I had a look at your posted config and it's clearly inappropriate for your Arrandale platform. You're kinda lucky you managed to install and run High Sierra as it is. Basically, you've re-used an existing config for a Haswell laptop which is unsuitable for your own. For instance, it injects properties and patches for HD4600 graphics and uses SMBIOS for MacBookPro11,1. It also calls on SSDT files you probably do not have/use. You probably don't have any CPU poser management working either.


Basically, you need to start afresh with a Clover config that suits your underlying hardware platform. You also need to properly identify your hardware specs because it does not look like this Satellite 650 ever shipped with any ATI Radeon Mobility 4500 Series; I only found references about the 5000 Series.


You may try the config below. Save it as, say, config2.plist and call it from Clover's boot menu.


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