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HD4400 video driver crash

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After enable by Lilu and WhateverGreen with standart patching device-id = 12040000, frameBuffer = 0x0D220003 at HD4400 on ASUS B85M-K, i3 4130

DVI-D -> DVI-D connector

I have Quartz acceleration and transparent Dock with MacOS menus, but when I opening Terminal with "Homebrew" config, which uses transparent background - my hackintosh is unresponsible and image is freezing, blickling, and sometimes OS crashing

What I should fix? And what is indication? What to do?



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Please take an IOReg extract with IORegistryExplorer app, zip it and post it along with your bootloader config (where I guess you've injected your graphics properties). You may need further patching for connector type.

All looking Ok in IOReg on the iGPU front:

  • you inject correct Azul platform id + correct desktop HD4600 id
  • I see 3 x output posts (FB@0, FB@1 and FB@2), all set as HDMI outputs and a screen connected to FB@1

The only oddities I noticed with your Clover setup are:

  1. you're using iMac14,2 SMBIOS (though incorrectly so, it's incomplete). That model was fitted with Kepler nVidia graphics. I suggest you change your SMBIOS to iMac14,1 or iMac14,4 as those used iGPUs only.
  2. you've enabled AICPUPM kext patch; that's for Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge platforms so useless for your Haswell platform though it will do no harm; ideally, disable that patch.
  3. you've specified WEG's boot arg igfxframe=0x0D220003. As stipulated in the WEG documentation, this was/is for testing purposes only. You already inject the correct properties in the Devices->Properties section of your Clover config so remove that boot arg. It's not required.

Use Clover Configurator to adjust your config, especially for the SMBIOS info. Good luck.

Well, but I have NO HDMI on the motherboard, only VGA and DVI-D. So, I connected by DVI-D.
Should I patch framebuffer to DVI-D connection type?

Which framebuffer is better for DVI-D? May be "0x04260000" or 0x04060000 desktop for 256 VRAM?

Is better patch connector type in Clover Device Propetries tab for WEG?

Should I disable other outputs (DP, HDMI) by patch?

No, no, no, no, no. If you want to set ports to DVI type, you need to inject connector-type properties; leave your framebuffer platform-id as it is. But if all ports work as they are, don't change anything.

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