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[Newbie] Need some guidance on my first hackintosh

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Hi There,


I am a newbie to hackintosh, would like to seek some guidance on how I should start...


I have do some research and understood my current 1660TI is not working on hackintosh and would like to know if RX5600 is a good choice?  As I wanna replace my display card.


And I am using AMD Ryzen 5 3600 on an ASUS B450 TUF Gaming motherboard, I also purchased a wifi and BT PCI card according to other website


Can anyone can help shed some lights on me on how should I start?


Many thanks and sorry for the questions as I am trying to search in the forum but still dunno where should I start from.   Just give me some links that i can read on is fine.  Many thanks~

@lty2610 - As Herve recommended - The Dortania guide for the requirements of OC, meantime if you want to, try the EFI Folder (attached) on the EFI Partition of a test USB Drive. If it works you will have to enter your machine's personal data to the config.plist i.e ROM, S/N, MLB and SmUUID but you still need to read up on Opencore so that you get the knowledge of how it works. Good luck.



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