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How to fix Sleep/Wake issue

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Whenever I put the computer to Sleep, it goes to sleep and immediately wakes up again within 5 seconds or so. Screen stays black until I click on the mouse and then the screen comes on and works normally.


I'm using a Gigabyte Z490 Vision D, and recently got the Fenvi T919 for WiFi and Bluetooth.



After some digging around on the internet, I read a thread that the Fenvi T919 WiFi card could be the issue and people recommend using the Youbo version instead (less than half the price):



Could anyone share their experience on this?

What WiFi card are you using for your desktop Hackintosh and does it sleep without issues?

Okay, looks like I was wrong. Keyboard had nothing to do with it.


Turns out it was the Fenvi T919 that was the issue. When it was unplugged, the Hackintosh slept like a baby. 

I read that the Youbo is a good alternative that doesn't cause that issue, should I give that a go?

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