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AirPlay + MacOS Big Sur Assistance

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Evening all.

Having some trouble with my Apple Macbook Pro (Early 2011 13" model) (yea I know its old hardware)

Anyway, having some problem where AirPlay isnt working even though its enabled to show in taskbar.

The background behind the device is I used a hackintosh version to upgrade it from High Sierra (supported end release) to Big Sur (unsupported).

OK so now Ive got Big Sur on the device and it's running but unfortunately AirPlay doesnt wanna work.

AirPlay is supported on the device because it was running under High Sierra but unfortunately I cant get it to run.

What information can I provide to you guys to try and get it to work. Can I produce any system reports to try and track the issue down and since Im a complete noob to this, is there any advice the community can give so I can become a more capable user?


I had AirPlay running before I upgraded it. I had High Sierra running on the device beforehand and AirPlay was working on it then.

I created a USB boot stick with Big Sur installation from a working Mac Air.

Changed the EFI partition so it uses OpenCore rather than standard bootx86.efi.

Created a config.plist to the right Mac Version (8,1) with the right serial number. Installed the right Kexts (Lilu, WhatsGreen) and a few other kexts.

I needed to get the DSTs just to boot everything as well which I did from the OpenCore website.

Then used that USB stick to install on a Macbook Pro.

Hope that gives it a bit more background and sheds some lights on questions.

Thanks for the support guys.....

2 hours ago, poorondaice said:

The background behind the device is I used a hackintosh version to upgrade it from High Sierra (supported end release) to Big Sur (unsupported).

What on earth would that possibly mean???


Anyway, you should take your issues to MacRumors.com where they have dedicated threads about running specific macOS versions on unsupported hardware. I'm sure you'll find info about running Big Sur on unsupported Sandy Bridge MBP8,1. This is primarily a Hackintosh forum...



Just so you've got a bit of background Herve, I used a tool called "Patched Sur" to patch an installation of Big Sur so that it was capable of running on older Mac's.


It worked, but I got teething problems with it now.....


Any help is greatly appreciated.

No such thing as a "Hackintosh copy of Big Sur". And Patched Sur is not a Hackintosh tool, it's a patcher designed to install and run Big Sur on unsupported Apple Macs. Had you read the documentation, you'd have noticed that graphics acceleration does not appear to be available on your MBP8,1 and that there also appears to be Wifi-related problems.


As I said, you really should head over to Macrumors.com (it's a proper Apple Mac and related forum) where they have dedicated threads about running OS X/macOS on unsupported Mac platforms and this extends to Big Sur: https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/macos-11-big-sur-on-unsupported-macs-thread.2242172/


Wisdom dictates that, if you want to run any post-High Sierra macOS version on your unsupported MBP8,1, you should stick to Catalina at best for the moment...

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