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Big Sur on Dell Optiplex 3070 micro

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Hi everyone,

I try to make a fresh install of BS on my Dell with Opencore but no chance to make it work.

This model use H370 chipset with an I5 9500T and UHD630 for graphic part.

I tried many configurations but noone works.

I put the link of my video with the KP and if someone could help me it would be great.




8 minutes ago, virtualdub said:

No changes, sorry


Strange with the same EFI I have no issue booting BS 


what is the version of the Installer you have



Maybe some Bios setup is not correct? or bios Update ?

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Just now, virtualdub said:

Sorry i didn't see what you wrote under the picture

I updated the bios with the latest version

what is the version of the Install macOS Big Sur.app you have?

Because You are certainly  have create a USB Installer of BS for installing BS? 

3 minutes ago, virtualdub said:


I create the USB installer with the line command for terminal

if you had similar desktop as mine could you share your EFI folder and i will recreate the USB installer?

Maybe some bios setup you can change? I never see and try this PC on Hackintosh

13 minutes ago, virtualdub said:

Hi Chris,

Here's the latest news.

I don't succeed to install BS but in the other hand i succeed install Catalina with clover and everything works fine.

Do you think that is possible to install BS with the EFI of my Catalina install?

Install CATA With  my EFI ?

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