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Micro Lags with Catalina & Radeon 5500 XT (10.15.7)

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My Specs:



16 GB RAM Hyper X (1x8 2x4 GB)

Radeon 5500 XT 8GB

i7-6700K (not overclocked currently).

Asus C68 USB / (Asus C56 inside, but I didn't manage to make it work, so I am using the left one through usb)


I'll attach my .plist file down below.


Everything runs fine and perfect. Currently I got a bad monitor, but I will buy a new one soon (60hz @ 1080p).

However, I have the issue, that I experience some  micro lags (half second / 1 second) from time to time.


For instance, when I run a few Apps like Chrome, Word, and then I want to access the app dock down below, I experience some micro lags. 

Same situation when I start the LoL Client and put it in the background while I access my other Apps. Although I got 240fps while playing (but with frame drops ?).

I am not experiencing this every time at every boot or let's say "PC-Session". 

My assumption is, that my GPU can somehow be improved regarding the resources handling, like switching from low to high usage. Anyone an idea, how to improve this disturbing thing? Maybe not with config.plist, but with different BIOS Settings ?




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