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hi guys, a few days ago I decided to install os high sierra on my computer to have my graphics card working too (I'm a beginner). all good but the sound of the speakers does not work. (speakers are connected to tv, so hdmi audio doesn't work) my motherboard supports ALC887. i tried to change id but nothing. what could I do? thank you so much
my pc: 
  • gigabyte b250m-ds3h
  • intel i5 7400
  • ram hyperx 8gb
  • msi gtx 1050ti 4gb

Which HDMI would that be? On-board's or GTX 1050 Ti's?

Did you inject HDMI connector type to your iGPU? It's probably what's missing and that's necessary to support HDMI audio.


You could try by posting zipped copy of your config file + a zipped IOReg extract...

You need to know that, as a general standard in OS X/macOS, you cannot adjust HDMI audio volume from the Finder's bar, unlike speaker volume. HDMI audio volume can only be controlled on the HDMI device itself. So, if you're using a TV, use its remote control.

Looking at your Clover setup, there are several things to fix because they're not right.

1) Kexts:

  • You're using what appears to be latest versions of Lilu + AppleALC + WEG; that's fine.
  • However, you're also using deprecated kexts such as Shiki (long integrated into WEG), IntelGraphicsDVMTFixup (same) and the old FakePCIIDxxxx kexts that are totally irrelevant and unsuitable to your Kaby Lake platfom. Get rid of all of those, they may be the source of your audio issues

2) Clover config:

ACPI section

  • Given that there are no tables in your ACPI folder, whether dumped from BIOS into the origin subfolder or patched in your patched subfolder, I do wonder why you have device renamings in place. Given your previous position re: IOReg, I take it you've not checked anything in that respect and probably ignore what these are for or do.
  • CPU power management settings are totally wrong; Generate P States and Generate C states are for old Core2Duo/Core2Quad/1st gen CPUs and therefore irrelevant to your Kaby Lake platform. You should only set Plugin type. In the same respect, remove those individual EnableC2/C4/C6/C7 options that you opted for, you should never require to enable those.

Boot Args

  • Shiki having been integrated into WEG, I'm not sure the shikivga=12 boot arg you use is still relevant. What do you use it for?
  • Same question for -disablegfxfirmware boot flag.


  • You fake iGPU id 8086:5912, i.e. the very native HD630 iGPU's id of your Kaby Lake i5-7400. This is therefore unnecessary/useless. You could remove that and ensure no other id faking is in place.
  • In the same respect, I'm not sure the AAPL,GfxYTile property you inject for this HD630 iGPU actually serves a particular purpose; there are no other properties injected for the iGPU in that config section, contrary to what I was expecting for things such as framebuffer platform id (done in Graphics section), Framebuffer memory size of Stolen memory size; but I can't remember if the latter 2 are required for HD630.


  • You enabled Inject Intel + the appropriate KBL HD630 ig-platform-id 0x59120003. That's fine though a little old-fashioned.

Kernel & Kext Patches

  • You've enabled AICPUPM patch which is irrelevant; it's for much older 2nd gen. Sandy Bridge and 3rd gen. Ivy Bridge platforms; not applicable to 7th gen. Kaby Lake platforms such as yours. Enabling KernelPm is fine.
  • You have 3 x AppleHDA binary patches in place. This is an old-fashioned way of activating audio on Hackintoshes and that required an injector kext you don't have. Remove those patches as they will clash with AppleALC which requires a full vanilla AppleHDA.

Your also using a very old Clover version (r4369) and, whilst that may still be fine with High Sierra, I'd recommend you update Clover to a more recent version such as r5122 or r5127 (do not use versions r5123 to 5126, they're troublesome for lots of people).

1) download CodecCommander kext from the Net and copy it to /L/E

2) repair permissions from Terminal:

sudo chmod -Rf 755 /L*/E*
sudo chown -Rf 0:0 /L*/E*
sudo touch -f /L*/E*

3) rebuild cache from Terminal:

sudo kextcache -i /

4) reboot


Just the usual stuff...

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