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Apple ALC Increases boot time for 4-5 minutes

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Hello, I have successfully installed macOS 10.13.6 with Opencore and everything works flawlessly expect audio. I am using appleALC with layout 11 for my ADI1984 onboard audio. However when I try boot it gets stuck at this: 

busy timeout [0], (60s): 'IOHDACodecFucntion' , 'IOHDACodecFucntion' , 'IOHDACodecFucntion' , 'IOHDACodecFucntion' ,
busy timeout [1], (60s): 'IOHDACodecFucntion' , 'IOHDACodecFucntion' , 'IOHDACodecFucntion' , 'IOHDACodecFucntion' ,
busy timeout [2], (60s): 'IOHDACodecFucntion' , 'IOHDACodecFucntion' , 'IOHDACodecFucntion' , 'IOHDACodecFucntion' ,
busy timeout [3], (60s): 'IOHDACodecFucntion' , 'IOHDACodecFucntion' , 'IOHDACodecFucntion' , 'IOHDACodecFucntion' ,

Eventually the system boots after 4-5 minutes and the sound is working fine except some weird distortion. For instance if I go to system preferences > sound > sound effects and try to play a sound the first time It will have this buzzing. If I click the same sound effect continuously for 3 or more times, the audio is perfect. (I have attached a recording of the distortion) I am sure its not my speakers that are causing this,

because with windows it works fine. 


I guess the delay occurs because AppleHDA fails to match my HDMI ports and get GPU audio (or something similar, I am not sure). I have no clue why the sound is distorted since it comes from my onboard card. Note that even with VoodooHDA the distortion existed but I had no delay. When I used clover though, voodoohda worked perfectly. 



Can someone tell me how to fix the delay and the distortion? I don't really care about HDMI audio, only the delay concerns me. 


I can upload my EFI or IOREG if that helps. 


My specs are:

Dell Optiplex 330

Intel Xeon E3120 (wolfdale)


MSI GT 210 


Any help would be appreciated. 

Sound distortion.m4a

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