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Hi all.


let me introduce myself, I'm from Italy, and new to the Hackintosh World, but I have big experience in Computers and Electronics in general.

I want to install Catalina (and try Big Sur later) on my Toshiba Z30a using Opencore.

I have followed the DORTANIA Guide, but find issues since first tentative... before Opencore Boot Pickup Screen, probably due to PS2 Keyboard natively installed on Laptop.

I'm searching for any help in the journey to install Catalina on my laptop, and I'm sure I will find a lot of friends that will help me on this.



Hi and welcome at InsanelyMac - As a first step, I will suggest you to read carefully our forum rules... it is very important!  ;)

Then in a second time, you'll have to read a much about hackintosh, as it is not an exact science. Which means that if one thing works for some people, it does not mean that it will work well for everybody. :yes:

Good hack.

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I've successfully installed Catalina with OpenCore (and also helped OC Team to find issues in OC OCII module about keyboard protocol Link).

Now I need support, to create my first Post, searching for help in this forum, but I see that I can post something only in "New Member" dashboard.

I see no indications in the rules about that, and I need to know how to be allowed to post my first in correct category.

Anyone can help a forum newbie? :angel:

I need a big hand from community, in configuring the last "not fully working" device in my Laptop. (Sorry if I'm opening this question in this section, but as per above, I cannot post to a dedicated section, I'm sorry Admins, please forget it!!!!) :D:angel:

I have a V10 ALPS Touchpad, that is recognized as "mouse only" by Catalina using VoodooPS2Controller.kext by Acidanthera.

Asked support to them, discovering that this Kext does not support ALPS devices. (Link)


I've tried with Rehabman's Version of VoodooPS2Controller.kext (even if 2 years from last change, it seems supporting ALPS Trackpad).

Nothing changes, the Device is recognized as mouse, and "No TrackPad found" message appears in macOS Properties-->Trackpad Window.

I started playing with Info.plist files in the Rehabman VoodooPS2Controller.kext, and found the "ActLikeTrackpad" parameter, that enables the Trackpad option in macOS preferences Panel, but the device continue to work like a mouse (No Multi-Finger gestures and swipes...).


Probably it's a matter of ACPI DSL/AML files to create/modify, or maybe some other parameter in info.plist files of VoodooPS2Controller.kext to be properly set, or at least some changes to the Rehabman VoodooPS2Controller.kext code.

I'm asking support to the community from people that maybe has encountered the same/similar issues.

I've tested a lot of KEXT branches for ALPS Trackpads, but no one works (some of these blocks macOS initialization @ Apple Logo when starting the Laptop).

Here following info of my device as per Win10 Device Properties Panel (the device fully works on Win10 and Ubuntu):










Hope that anyone can help and collaborate with this.

Anticipate thanks with it!


P.S: If admin can/want to move to a dedicated (and proper) section, the title of this post would be "ALPS Trackpad recognised as Mouse by VoodooPS2 (Laptop Toshiba z30a)" as per my post on acidanthera\bugtracker

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No option for that.

Are you thinking about a mixed mode device that uses ps2 for mouse movement and i2c for gestures?

I can try to to add voodooi2c, and let you know.

Thanks for sharing idea.


P.S: No I2C or SMBus device is available in win10 device properties panel. 

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I finally found a solution.

The only KEXT that seems working with my ALPS DualGlide PS/2 Touchpad is the DrHurt fork from 1Revenger1 available at this link.


It works like a charm with 1-finger (including tapping) and 2-finger gestures (page scrolling+Zoom).

Sometimes it makes confusion between right and left mouse buttons, but it's acceptable.



Now I Have a 100% fully working Toshiba z30a Hackintosh.

Hope that this post is useful to anyone in the Forum.


Now I'm able to play with Catalina for sometimes.... and then will try Big Sur adventure very soon!!!

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