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Intel Q9400 Big Sur Second Phase Error

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Hi Friends!

I'm using OpenCore 0.6.2 and I'm trying to install Big Sur but in the second phase i encounter the error in the clip. The EFI that i use works perfectly for Catalina and other versions.I attached the EFI that i use and My specs is as follows:


MSI G41M P33 Combo Motherboard

CPU:Intel Q9400

GPU:Nvidia GT 710


Kernel patch that I use:


_acpi_count_enabled_logical_processors for kernel issue


_isSingleUser because Mouse and Keyboard is not working

Error video 



:whistle:No such patcher for Big Sur !


GT710 would be expected to be natively supported; as long as it's a Kepler model of course...

You've picked up the telemetrap kext which is expected for any non-SSE4.2 CPU such as your Yorkfield Q9400 but why are you trying to use such an old thing as that Leopard (?) AppleIntelPIIXATA kext?

It looks like your system resets after a graphics-related issue and I must admit that I do wonder about those rather odd properties you inject for an apparent graphics card @1c,1. I'd remove that! Especially when the model property you inject decodes as... GMA 950 !!! :surprised: :blink:

You've opted for iMac18,1 as SMBIOS; I'd have tried something a little older such as iMac14,x but I believe you would be able to install Big Sur 11.0.1 with SMBIOS iMac10,1 or MacPro3,1 with boot arg -no_compat_check (this did work for my Ivy Bridge/HD4000 Dell Latitude E6230 laptop with SMBIOs of unsupported MBP10,2).

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