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Trying to understand Open Core compatibility with BIOS legacy system

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Hello all, I'm struggling to understand my options and a few hours of Googling hasn't turned up a solid answer. I've inherited a HP 550-110 with a Haswell i3 and Memphis 2-S motherboard. It's in top shape, but does not offer a UEFI update so is BIOS only. The Vanilla Guide tells us to choose one of three options. It then warns against the DuetPKG and notes the other two options are for Sandy Bridge and older. This leads me to believe I'm stuck in a no-man's land where this HP has too new a processor while running a BIOS. Is there a path forward to install Big Sur via Open Core?





BIOS legacy mode remains supported. All you need is follow Dortania's guide with regards to boot file (i.e. bootx64) and legacy drivers (HfsPlusLegacy + keyboard driver); it's all explained in details. That's how I boot OC on my old Dell Vostro 200 desktop that does not possess UEFI BIOS mode.

Thanks very much for clarifying. Now I have a decision to make, trying to cool my office with a more efficient i3 or upgrade my current HP 8300 Hack. I finally updated my real Mac to Big Sur now that Camtasia has a workaround for Big Sur compatibility, and have to admit while it is snappier, the new OS is a bit of a letdown. That leaves me with the option to stick with Mojave to see how many iPad apps are made Catalyst compatible so they run on Intel architecture. That's what I was so excited about when they first announced Big Sur only to limit the option with the M1 announcement. Ugh, but saves me some time.

I did learn Open Core helping a friend just a few weeks back, so might go ahead while the process is still fresh. Decisions, decisions...


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