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Intel HD Graphics 630: anyone get higher than 1920x1080 HiDPI?

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Hello hackintosh Ninjas,


Check my sig for my hardware.  I'm looking to get better than 1920 HiDPI from my setup to my TCL Roku 43s405 TV display.


I'm aware that my mobo maxes out at 4k30 through the HDMI port.  The question is: buy a mobo that will do better graphics through the HDMI, or buy an RX 580?  My guess is that you guys will say the RX 580.



If you're looking for super high res on multiple displays with high refresh rates then yes, a dedicated card is the way to go.


However, 1920 HiDPI is actually 4K, just scaled appearance wise by the OS. If you're not seeing native 4K as a resolution option (something I encountered on my 4K laptop) just get "Display Menu" from the App Store. It will fix you up and it's free.

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