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Can't reply to a thread :-(

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Brand new user here - and I'd really like to be able to reply to this thread:




I have a question that I think that others in that thread/correspondence could help me with.  But I seem to be only able to post in this New Users forum.


Could someone please help me out - i.e. tell me what I need to do to get enough permissions to post into this thread.  Apologies if I'm doing something wrong, haven't been here before, so don't really know the protocol etc.


Thank you very much



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On 11/26/2020 at 10:20 AM, Hervé said:

Humans are humans and some just can't help cheating...


Just so that all newcomers are aware of the potential consequences, please note that attempting to circumvent this rule by posting 10 or more useless messages in threads of the New Users Lounge in order to quickly reach Newbies or Members level will be considered spamming. Spamming this forum is usually swiftly acted upon with permanent banning.


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