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Big Sur- problem

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Hey. After installation Big Sur on Clover i couldn't boot normally system (only via preboot). So I change SIP configuration in clover (allow apple Internal) and I have a question: what is that (I mean Apple Internal)? and that is normal in Big Sur or i have to check my efi. Thanks for reply.

Apple Internal flag has been a SIP flag since day 1 back in El Capitan. Like the other flags, its name is self-explanatory... Afaik, Apple Internal is disabled by default and you would never change that one. You should be able to look it up on Apple's dev site. SIP used to be described in csr.h header file of bsd/sys folder of the XNU kernel code if I remember right.



Big Sur too new for its code to be published yet and offer to look at any new SIP flags that may have been added to 11.x kernel (but there are new ones again). But you can look things up on the Web. Here for instance.


This being said, your issue may not be SIP-related per sé. More likely to be related to your Quirks settings.

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