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Horizontal lines in intel hd 3000 graphics Lenovo G470

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First of all, good night, 2 weeks ago I did a hackintosh to my Lenovo G470, when opening an application, playing videos, I have a fairly small but annoying graphical glitch, An intermittent horizontal line appears at times across the screen, any idea what it may be, I'm using an i3 sandy bridge processor and I have an intel hd 3000 graphics on my laptop, thank you very much in advance!

Well-known old bug affecting HD3000 graphics. For me and my Dell Latitude E6220 hackintosh laptop, it's something that started with El Capitan (never had any issue up to and including Yosemite) but some people reported this as far back as 2011... Afaik, there is no fix, you'll have to live with it. It may be a memory leak problem as per the old unresolved nVidia driver bug affecting Kepler dGPUs based on GK106 chips (including those fitted to real Macs). I found that the problem always worsened after repeated Sleep & Wake cycles when it always disappeared after a fresh boot/reboot.


Problem also lessens a little with 8GB of RAM leading to an official 512MB of shared memory for VRAM (4GB RAM leads to 384MB VRAM). You may also consider applying the SNB framebuffer patch in increase VRAM to, say, 1GB, 1.5GB or 2GB but note that this will still not fix the issue, only somehow lessen it by a small degree.

https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/320001-increase-vram-hd-3000/?hl=+hd3000 +vram


Let's just say that HD3000 is not a great iGPU and you may not enjoy that laptop of yours as a Hackintosh very long with those gremlins.

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