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OpenCore 0.6.3 - Hide Partitions

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I recently switched to OC and everything runs stable. Now it is the time for customization :) 


Everytime I boot I see two Windows Partitions in the picker. I can only boot one, but it shows up one more. If I click on the other one, nothing happens, it returns to the OC Boot Screen.


How can I hide this partition? I tried HideAuxiliary, but it didn't work. 













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FS0 is my Mac Boot Partition. The HD(2 MBR is the correct Boot Partition for Windows. Any ideas?


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1 hour ago, madman said:

How can I hide this partition? I tried HideAuxiliary, but it didn't work. 

In config.plist Hide Auxiliary=Yes if you want then to show temporarily just hit the space bar at the Boot Menu. See attached.13163840.thumb.png.fbd0396716cb2a7d021bef9e4b19ee7b.png








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1 hour ago, madman said:

Thank you, I did that and it works with the UEFI Shell and Reboot. The thing is, I can't disable one HDD MBR with this method. Is there maybe something wrong with the syntax I used? 

I may be wrong here but am I guessing that your installation is a legacy one as I see you mentioned MBR in your post. If your motherboard has UEFI capability why is the installation a legacy one, maybe that is the problem also you need to complete your machine specs in your profile to aid members to help with any problems you are having.

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