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migrated to OpenCore - CPU frequency high - can't fix w/ CPUFriendFriend (edit: problem is with iMacPro1,1)

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/edit I figured out that the problem is specific to my usage of the iMacPro1,1 profile. I tried iMac19,1 and PM works fine but I use iMacPro1,1 because that's the only one where DRM works (aka my discreet graphics are used). Any help?


I just migrated from Clover to OpenCore 0.6.3. Everything is working great except my CPU frequency is constantly at almost max according to Intel power Gadget, where under Clover it would only ramp up under load. I've been following the post-install guide for fixing power management (https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Post-Install/universal/pm.html) but can't seem to get this fixed.


Z370-HD3P - i5-9600K (Coffee Lake)


- X86PlatformPlugin appears to be loaded

- CPUFriendFriend generated kext doesn't seem to load but when I use the generated DSDT I can see the cf-frequency-data that is being inserted


No values I choose seem to make any difference and when I run the CPUFriendFriend script again it always says "Current Setting: 00 (000 MHz)" which I guess it means it's not loading correctly.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


config.plist: https://pastebin.com/QqWr2zDv

SSDT-PM.aml (generated by CPUFriendFriend): https://pastebin.com/RdLdvDH4



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@aforty My experience with new platforms is limited to my HackMini8,1, but I'll try to offer some suggestions / observations that you can check.  These observations are not just for your CPU issue.  Take a look at my known issues that might apply to your own situation.

  • Why do you have IntelMausi and Realtek kexts?
  • You haven't yet generated an SSDT-UIAC to accompany USBInjectAll.kext and disabled XHCIPortLimit quirk - is this intentional?
  • Your config.plist references audio devices at PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1f,0x3) and PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1b,0x0) - which is it?
  • Does your system need CatalinaACHIPort.kext (not familiar with it, so you know better)?
  • If you have experiment with multiple MacModels (SMBIOS), you may need to pay attention to these issues each time you change SMBIOS:
    • you will likely have to generate new USBPort mapping (after you disable XHCIPortLimit)
    • delete extraneous com.apple.PowerManagement plists in /Library/Preferences
    • reset keyboard modifier keys (if you changed any)
    • reset Energy settings and check/reset power settings with Hackintool (e.g. proximitywake).
  • I haven't found that CPUFriend is necessary and don't have much experience with it.  It appears to me that you inject SSDT-PM.aml, but you don't inject any CPUFriend related kexts?  Is that the correct use of CPUFriend?


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