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ASUS PRIME Z-490-P | NVMe Samsung 970 EVO Plus - slow boot

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I've just set up up the system with OpenCore 0.6.3 thanks to Dortania's Guide. The system seems to be running fast, but it takes 38 seconds to load from the bootloader screen (after I press enter) to the login screen. On my old Clover Z87 setup, on a regular SATA SSD, it takes 30 seconds.


In the system report, I can see that TRIM is enabled and the bus speed is 4x.


So it's definitely something wrong here.

  • macOS 10.15.7
  • OpenCore 0.6.3, release version, logging disabled, no errors in the console during boot.
  • NVMeFix.kext 1.0.4
  • Lilu 1.4.9

How long should it take normally? I suppose it should be ~15seconds or so.



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See note about Samsung 970 EVO Plus here:



You may also experiment with disabling TRIM if you suspect an issue with that. Use sudo trimforce command.


But 38s is far from what we would call a long and slow boot...

7 hours ago, Hervé said:


I read that post, but I didn't find anything there that could help me except for experimenting with TRIM settings and updating the firmware (which does not apply to me because I'm running the most recent 2B2QEXM7 firmware). 



You may also experiment with disabling TRIM if you suspect an issue with that.


I had TRIM enabled, so I did sudo trimforce disable and rebooted the system. The startup time was exactly the same: 38s. But no matter if I enable or disable TRIM then in the system report I can still see TRIM support as enabled. Shouldn't it be disabled after running trimforce disable?


7 hours ago, Hervé said:

But 38s is far from what we would call a long and slow boot...


It's not terrible, but still, it's worse than my Z87 setup that uses old SATA SSD drive and boots in 30 seconds. I would expect NVMe drive to be faster.


I did some performance tests and the average speed (measured with TRIM Enabler tool) is 2677 MB/s for write and 3186 MB/s for read which is more or less what I would expect from NVMe drive.

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It's the same. I measured boot time too when I didn't have any resources there yet and didn't have GUI enabled. Note that I don't measure boot time from power on. I measure it from when I press ENTER on the bootloader screen, so all the assets are already loaded at that point.


I created the same topic on a polish Hackintosh forum. People also report there that boot time increased significantly after OC 0.6.3 upgrade. They say the same hardware boots faster on Clover or on older OC versions. The issue doesn't seem to be specific to Samsung drives. Boot speed is similar to e.g.  SiliconPower A80 (that uses Phison controller, which is recommended according to Dortania's guide). 



Anyway, I don't really care about boot time to much. I'm just afraid that boot time issue is a symptom of some general NVMe performance problem that also exists when running the system after boot.

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