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EFI folder on main OS X partition?

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On the root of my OS X partition I have an EFI folder. Owner is root:wheel, just the the EFI-Backups folder right next to it. My question is, what is this folder? Obviously I need an EFI folder on my EFI partition, but what is this one for? Can I delete it?


Hack is a vanilla install of Catalina using Clover. Everything is running fine.

Well, it depends on the computer you use, whether it runs in BIOS legacy mode or EFI/UEFI and how you installed Clover. What you described is the way older computer without UEFI capabilities could run Clover (EFI in same partition as the OS).


So, you'll have to provide more details to get a more appropriate answer. Do you have an EFI partition too and if so, does it contains Clover's files and folders?

I do have an EFI partition with an EFI folder. EFI folder is on the same partition as OS X. I triple-boot (OS X, Win10, Linux) but all are on separate SSDs. I'm running on a z390 board.


I don't think I need to boot legacy for any of those OS's, and I don't remember selecting that option when I did my vanilla install.

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