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intel uhd 630 big sur

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You're not gonna get much graphics acceleration with what is not far from an empty shell (no property injection at all for graphics) in which you've effectively got close to nothing re: graphics but a -igfxvesa boot arg which disables all graphics acceleration. :thumbsdown_anim:



'bit of homework to do wouldn't you say? Read Dortania's guide to begin with...

Thank you, so, now i’ve only 14 mb of video card.
what can i do to have graphics accelleration?

config.plist       OpenCore

Thank you, so, now i’ve only 14 mb of video card, i send you now config.plist. 
what can i do to have graphic accelleration?



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open config.plist with clover configurator and follow this:


Enter the values in Clover Configurator (recommended for most people)

  • Devices --> Fake ID --> IntelGFX --> Enter appropriate Device ID (0x3E9B)
  • Graphics --> Inject Intel --> Check this ON.
  • Graphics --> ig-platform-id --> Click pop-up menu and choose appropriate ID (e.g. 0x3E9B0007).
  • For most Coffee Lake desktop processors, Device ID 0x3E9B and Platform ID 0x3E9B0007 can be used
  • use this in boot args -wegnoegpu
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