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No success creating Windows 10 bootable USB on a Mac


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I've two Hackintosh, both running solely Catalina 10.15.7. Now trying to add a Windows 10 disk on one of the computers. The target machine is stripped down to one new clean NVME m.2 drive. I've saved the settings used for my Hackintosh build and reset the BIOS to default. I've downloaded a fresh Windows iso from the Microsoft site.


I have two 30GB USB sticks, and have tried all of the following on both sticks to try and create a Win10 installer from macOS, after reformatting in MSDOS (Fat) or ExFat.

  • using Boot Camp Assistant, I have loaded data from the .iso onto the USB's
  • I've used UNetbootin to make the USB stick bootable
  • I've used terminal commands to do the same thing.
  • at the end of each process, the USB's seem to have all of the files from the .iso


In every case, when I enter the BIOS of my Gigabyte B450, the only boot options I see are the empty NVME, and the USB stick

When I select the USB option, I get a horizontal white cursor flashing in the top left of my screen, and no further activity.

If I go to the 'Easy' mode in BIOS, a window in the lower left of the screen tells me there is 'no bootable drive detected'


I'm beginning to despair. What I have now is essentially a standard PC with BIOS reset to default. My sense is that it should be simple to load Windows 10. I'm clearly doing something wrong in creating the Win10 USB installer. Can anyone enlighten me?

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ok, I seem to have solved my usb creation issue.

The install.wim file in the 64-bit current version of Windows 10 exceeds the 4GB limit for FAT32.

The solution in my case - using terminal - was to use an install package called 'home-brew', which allowed me to split the install.wim file into two components. The boot-loader was then successfully created, and the UEFI file then turned up as a boot option and all is well.

Kudos to Alex Lubbock's explanation at: https://alexlubbock.com/bootable-windows-usb-on-mac

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