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Kernel patch to hide that it is a virtual machine


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I have macs running on Intel, true macs, and a variety of iOS devices. The only one that stays on is running in VMware on Windows. This machine has no tweaks, serial changes, mac address changes, machine type override, etc. It is stock up to date Catalina primarily for running Airmessage. I'd like to enable Content Caching for all the other devices, but Apple restricts Content Caching from running in virtual machines. There is a hack to make it work. See below. It is a kernel patch that hides the fact that it is a VM. It appears that Apple looks for properties of the CPU to see if it is a VM. Does this seem like the cleanest way to do this? If so, can you help me understand if this hack would be version/kernel specific? Would I need to not update macOS until a corresponding updated CPU hack was released? This exact type of thing is a little over my head. 



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