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Error: Bootloader Isn't Installed | NVRAM isn't native.

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I have the latest version of Big Sur Beta 11.0.1 (20B5012d) with OpenCore 0.6.3 which is working perfectly. However, I noticed a new problem after the last update.


Hackintool "Boot" tab doesn't recognize the bootloader and I get this:




I don't have Clover anywhere on my computer/disks. It's a completely wiped clean installation of Big Sur using OpenCore.


If I manually change Bootloader dropdown to OpenCore, I see this:




Also, when I try opening OpenCore Configurator, I see this message:


The bootloader looks like it is not installed or your NVRAM isn't native.




Now, I know that I have NVRAM, because, in previous versions Hackintool did pick the right bootloader. The problem hs started only after a recent clean install of Big Sur.


Also, I checked for NVRAM with this:


1. Manually set a variable with sudo nvram foo=bar 
2. Used nvram -p | grep -i "foo" and got foo bar as output
3. Rebooted, and tried nvram -p | grep -i "foo" again and got back foo bar again


Any suggestions?


Also, attached is my config.plist (personal info removed) in case that helps.



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By default, OC doesn't announce that it is there. You are probably looking for ExposeSensitiveData under Misc->Security. You can set it to a non-zero value as seen below in the spoiler, taken from the configuration.pdf for OC. If ExposeSensitiveData is set to zero, this is the normal behavior with those apps.




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