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Blocking kexts with OpenCore


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Over the last few days I've been working on getting Catalina running on my Huananzhi X99-F8D based machine. It has two Broadwell CPUs in it, and after reading the guide and some forum threads, I learned that the AppleIntelMCEReporter kext has issues with that. I was able to install Mac OS successfully by taking out one of the CPUs, but that is not really ideal.

OpenCore has a 'Kernel...Block' section that should make it possible to block kexts, but I could not get this to work. I used the com.apple.driver.AppleIntelMCEReporter identifier to block the kext, but on boot, I get a message that that extension cannot be found. I also installed the AppleMCEReporterDisabler kext per info in this thread, but that didn't work either.

How is this supposed to work? I know an avenue for investigation is to use a different SMBIOS, but I want to use iMacPro1,1 or MacPro6,1 for the dGPU offload, both of which are affected by this issue.

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