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EFI for Dell PowerEdge R710 server


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Hey I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction.  I have a 2009 Dell PowerEdge R710 Rack Mount Server.


24GB 1333MHz RAM

2x X5650 2.66 6-Core Intel Xeon CPU


Motherboard Chipset is: Intel 5520




An EFI folder would be AWESOME!  I heard that someone was able to do this build before, but they didn't share their EFI...  I am also open to OpenCore.


I am trying to install High Sierra on it.

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Your Dell server is a Westmere platform that shares characteristics with 2010 MacPro5,1. As such, you may install OS X/macOS up to Mojave and no reason why Catalina wouldn't be supported too.


Back in May, you had posted this. Why don't you post a zipped copy of the Clover folder you used back then for High sierra? Apart from possibly updated Lilu + WEG + AppleALC kexts, things should remain the same for Mojave/Catalina. Of course, your GeForce GT710 graphics card must be a Kepler model, not a Fermi one. Here too, post the full/exact specs.

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