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Getting started with MacOS X.

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Hi all,


For background, I was (and am) a DOS programmer who didn't (and mostly doesn't) do Windows, but I do Unix.  Alas, my laptop came with Windows 7, in 2011, and I was too lazy to do anything about it, until last year in December, at which point I transitioned to using Linux Mint (based on Ubuntu) full time as my main system.


There is one reason why I still sometimes need Windows, and that is iTunes, to sync my iPoders (I have two Touch 5th gen. and a Classic 160 GB).  Days ago, I jailbroke one of my iPod touch devices, and discovered that you can use it as a Unix terminal server that you can SSH into.  Unix on an iPod seems like overkill to me, but all right, I can live with it, haha.


I have a little experience with MacOS classic, but none with OS X.  Now, I am trying to get an OS X install running under VMware.  I tried installing Catalina, but it gets stuck on the Apple logo screen at a point when the progress bar is near the end.


I have now acquired a 10.4 Tiger ISO, but I can't get it to boot.  Is there anything I can do?  I would post in the virtualisation forum, but it seems I can only post here.




About the hardware specs:

  • DELL Precision M6600
  • Quad Core Intel Core i7-2720QM
  • Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • (I used to have AMD FirePro graphics but I had to pull it out due to a memory defect)


Forget about Tiger?  I thought an older MacOS would go along better with my somewhat old hardware.  Useless?  I have a Windows 98 VM that I use on a daily basis -- that's more than 20 years old.  In any case, I'm not sure I am going to use it for anything more than playing around and seeing for myself a bit what OS X is.   What version would be better under the circumstances?


Discourage VM?  Well, I'm aware of the pros and cons of VMs versus bare metal, but a VM is the only viable option at this time.  Sure, I'd like to have eg. a MacBook, but I can't afford that right now.




I successfully booted the MacOS X 10.8 Mountain Lion CD!  I successfully installed it too.  But it won't boot.  I used the boot disc's Terminal utility to set nvram boot-args="-v", so now I'm getting useful boot messages automatically.  I tried adding init=/bin/sh to the boot-args too, but it seems to have no effect.


The last 3 lines of the boot messages before it hangs are:

hfs: hfc_btree_open: BTOpenPath error -32730

considerRebuildOfPrelinkedKernel com.apple.iokit.IOGraphicsFamily triggered rebuild

Resetting IOCatalogue.


I switched to QEMU, and I was successful in setting up a 10.15 Catalina environment.


Being new to MacOS X, is there anything in particular I should try or take a look at?


Is there a MacOS key combo that corresponds to the Alt+Tab found in MS Windows and typical Linux GUIs?


So far, I don't find it particularly intuitive or easy to use, but at least part of the reason for that, is probably that I have prior experience of other systems, ie. a bit of Windows brainwashing, so to speak.


Things which I learnt when I moved to Mac from Windows long time back.


Windows - Mac


Alt + Tab = Win / Cmd + Tab

Ctrl + X/C/V = Win / Cmd + X/C/V

Alt + F4 = Win / Cmd + W

Exit App = Win / Cmd + Q


Spotlight Search = Win / Cmd + Space


In MacOS the Menu bar is per application rather than per window in Windows. You might close all windows but the app will be alive.

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